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Seisachtheia Trial before the EU General Court in Luxembourg

In a historical hearing on 5/5/2015, the EU General Court examined the famous Seisachtheia Case (Alexios Anagnostakis v. European Commission)

For the first time in the history of the European Union, European citizens address the Supreme European Court against the EU Commission about the financial crisis.

Our voice was loud in Luxembourg:

We demanded the write-off of the onerous European debt: the debt whose terms were stipulated under the influence of political corruption, with the intention of creating financial dependence and causing subjugation to the Financial Speculators, without the people’s consent. We said “No!” to the poverty of the masses, poverty that was only brought about for the Troika’s profit.

We demanded the implementation of the principle of the “state of necessity”: when countries are experiencing the collapse of their health and education systems, as well as their wages and pensions, repayment of any burdensome debt must be put aside. The necessity for survival and human dignity must come before repayment of a debt.

In our view, True Solidarity is the only way forward.

The winds of hope always support the dreams for a better world.