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Greek Court clears Turkish prosecuted Judge

A Greek Court has acquitted a Turkish prosecuted Judge who fled Turkey with allegedly false documents in order to seek asylum in Europe.
The judge, who cannot be named for legal reasons, held a senior position at the Courts of a large city in Turkey which were especially responsible for terrorism cases. After the failed coup, she was dismissed together with other judges and prosecutors as supposed members of an “armed terrorist organization”.

An arrest warrant was issued against her. Her passport was immediately invalidated, in order to trap her in the country. She fled Turkey with her daughter, who is two and a half years old, aiming to arrive in Germany in order to seek asylum.

She was arrested at Athens airport, as an intermediate station, for using a false passport and attempting illegal exit from the country. She was detained for days in detention and transfer centres.

She was found guilty at First Instance and was sentenced to imprisonment for 6 months.

However, the Court at Second Instance accepted the claims of defense presented by her defense attorney Alexis Anagnostakis that, at that time, she had the status of refugee according to the Geneva Convention and the New York Protocol. Therefore, she was in a “state of emergency”, being forced to seek asylum in a European country, a fact which excuses any unjustified nature of her actions.

Her lawyer Alexis Anagnostakis believes that the Judgment of the Greek Court shall contribute to the protection of other prosecuted Judges in Turkey, who are being punished harshly for nothing more than exercising their duties.