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Anagnostakis Law Offices is an international and independent boutique law firm based in Athens Greece.

We are engaged in a broad range of criminal practice, including dealing with cases before the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg), and handling cases of human rights violations, often in cooperation with Amnesty International and other human rights NGOs.

Anagnostakis Law Offices is a member of the European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA) and the European Criminal Justice Observatory (ECJO).

Over its lifetime, Anagnostakis Law Offices has developed an extensive network of legal specialists from around Europe, and works closely with local counsel and outside experts as required to ensure that client needs in each case and geographical location are met.

We are dedicated to providing highest quality legal Services to our clients.

We strive to take sensible and cost-effective approaches to providing legal services, as well as the extraordinary care for each client.
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Alexis Anagnostakis

Born in Athens, in February 1978.

Graduated from Law School of National University of Athens, in December 2001 :

  • Criminal Lawyer, in the jurisdiction of Athens Bar Association.
  • Barrister to the Hellenic Supreme Court and Council of State, Member of the Hellenic Criminal Bar Association.
  • Human Rights Officer/Chairman of the European Criminal Bar Association Human Rights Committee.
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the European Criminal Bar Association.
  • Member of the European Fraud and Compliance Lawyers (EFCL).
  • Co-Chair of the European Criminal Justice Observatory.
  • Member of the Defence Extradition Lawyers Forum.
  • Mr Anagnostakis handled well known Strasbourg cases such as Louli v. Greece, Pesmatzoglou and Pesmatzoglou-Fitsioula v. Greece, Choreftakis and Choreftaki v. Greece etc.
  • Mr Anagnostakis has published various articles in Greek and European legal journals on the subject of human rights.

In the course of his practice, he has defended high profile Greek criminal cases with media impact (families of the 39 people dead in factory collapse in Athens during the earthquake in 1999, liberation of the Greek sailors sentenced to death in Egypt, families of the police officers who have been killed by the notorious international gangster Passaris, etc) and many other cases in cooperation with Amnesty International and other human rights NGO's.

Winner of the Corporate International Magazine Global Award 2010 «Criminal Law Excellence in Greece».

Recommended Attorney by Global Law Experts.